I'm ghosting on so many people right now. I'm slowly disappearing; this is a practice for them to forget about me completely when I'm really gone someday in the future. I don't know, I feel like my existence isn't really making any huge impression on anyone. Perhaps to only some people, or maybe I was just telling that to myself to make me feel worthy enough. Truth is, I'm leaving everyone at the moment. Why bother, as if someone is going to come running to find me hidden beneath this blanket of misery.

I guess, it's a miracle that I still live. I don't know, how do you stop wishing you were dead and start embarking on a new journey? It's a puzzle I have yet to solve. Life is still a mystery that I could never understand. It's like reading a novel and getting stuck at the same chapter. That's my life right now. This existential crisis is eating my soul; I feel completely empty.

Some day I'm begging on my knees to find the strength to fight my demon, but some other days I just walk away from everything because I could not stop this ache I feel inside my jet-black heart. How is this supposed to be my life? I don't think I know the true meaning of happiness.

Forget me, everyone. Oh wait, everybody did. Everybody did that.

God this is depressing.