Them, and The People Around Me.

As I look at those smiling faces, 
I think to myself;
Can I trust these peeps?
Will I be hurt if I were left to unknown?
But without I realize, 
I was already left, alone.
I browse through social media and 
I notice, how less important I am.
So why bother? I say to myself.
But my anxious heart keeps telling me;
You don't fucking matter to them.
It hurts, it cuts deep more than a dagger could do.
It hurts me to finally notice 
that I am nothing, to them, to people around me.
As if there will be anyone crying 
for my departure from this world.
As if I play major significant role
to them, to people around me.
I am fooled, by my naivety 
of believing people are good
if you're good to them.
But no, I am wrong.
I should better stay off,
from them, from people around me.
This fucking facade of "we're friends forever"
is nothing but a mere illusion, 
created by so many confusions.
I am hurt, and no one seems to care.
Not them, also not the people around me too.