Post Marriage Diary: I am forever grateful

Knowing him for few years, though facing doubts coming from many people, but yet we end up with each other. He has seen the good and the worst side of me; of how many countless nights I shed tears because nightmares scared me and I couldn't sleep. He was forever in my mind, slowly shaking my sanity as I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. I made him crazy, I made him lost his brain once or twice. But he stays, until now. I wouldn't say our relationship is the best; we fight for some petty things often. It was silly fights that caused so many unresolved hatred to the point some of my friends thought I was better off without him. That was years ago, when both of us didn't realize we couldn't live without each other. All those crazy tantrums shaped us; they strengthened the love we were once thought broken.

And as I see many of my mates are tying the knot lately, it reminds me of how I finally was married. 25th July 2015. Two hearts became one loving soul - and for that we are grateful. I am grateful. For everything I had now. I may not be rich, I may not have kids yet, but he holds my hand and guides me to be a better person. He would try his best to shower me with his endless love. He is not the romantic kind of person, but every little things he did has sufficed me as a woman, as his wife. There, I pour out my outgrowing love for this man, the one in a million man and forever will be the special one. Days and nights I pray to God, so that I could be his soulmate forever. I don't need another man; he is the guy I have loved and will always love.

Dear husband,
I am forever grateful to have you in my life.
I express my sincere gratitude,
pray that God will return your fondness back to you.
Even if one day, I am no longer here,
I wish you could remember me when
every time the sky turns dark.
I love you,