Dear God, 

I looked at those tiny eyes that were staring at me, who was standing straight like a big black mannequin. Hand pointed out towards the white blank space in front of me, scribbling notes of literary obsession I had kept within me. I opened my mouth to channel all of my lyrical poems to those children with beady eyes, deep down I felt like I was under inspection. Did they understand my lines? Did they know anything of Edgar Allan Poe, or maybe Shakespeare at least? I scrutinized the room, eyes were scanning each of their faces trying to figure what was inside their mind. I could not tell, my judgment could be translated wrongly. As I tried to question their understanding I was attacked with dozen of inquiries from those children. Good, I thought to myself. At last I could tell that some of them were listening to my ramblings. 

I was no more under attack of those children, even though sometimes their mischievousness could be irritating but now that I had the opportunity to know each of their characters, I began to like them. I suddenly could not stop talking about these children to my husband. I wanted to educate them, to make them understand the reason why I was totally engrossed by words and poetry. These children could tell, that my obsession with literature was showing whenever I talked to them about writings. I humbly bowed my head down, as a token of my gratitude for noticing the passion I had carved beautifully upon my face. 

Oh Lord, 

My journey had just started, I had lots of wisdom and knowledge to teach them and to learn from them. For all these overflowing emotions that run wildly inside my head, I wished to interpret them into work of arts, so that these children could see how I patiently imprinted those imaginative dreams inside their head, hoping that one day they could reach the sky and succeed in life. As the one who anchored the steering, as the one who guided them towards the path, I get down on my knees praying that I could make these children a human of success, wisdom and dignity.

Truthfully, children, this is from your English teacher.