Faking Life

I looked at my bloody hands as they’re trembling so badly. I could feel the fast beat of my heart, for the fear of dying I was stuck in between, crying over what I had done to end my misery. I couldn't think straight, it felt like it was the end of my time. All day and all night I got on my knees and prayed hard to escape this nightmare. Today He shows me the way to accomplish my dream. But I didn’t know the pain could be so unbearable, and now I wish for death to come more sweetly than it actually offered. As I struggled to breathe I thought of the time I was happy. I could see the smile plastered on my face inside my mind. Even if it was just me faking my happiness, even if it was just an act I perfectly performed in front of everyone… but little did they know I was fighting this battle alone. I came to realize that my life was already over right before my eyes. So this was my last attempt to finally say goodbye, if anyone care.