The Death of an Empty Soul

Darkness, chasing away the sun
burning my soul, heart was ripped out
head was beheaded, my body's rotten
disintegrated with soil and dirt

My soul was caught and locked
in the deep darkest crypt
underneath the broken world
gasping for air, death was torturing

Sacrificing my soul, I bled 
with misery and pain, I shed
my tears for death had forsaken
my eternal existence, erased and unwritten

Bless thy soul, the devil said
forever, in madness, 
I couldn't escape fate
I would die here soon
drowning in my own fear
choking on my own tears

Dead soul, my body's an empty shell
Dead soul, take me away from this hell.

your body is cold
hope is lost
I can't let go
it's too late
it's too fucking late
we don't have the time
to say goodbye

my sadness is shown
upon my face
when you leave
I wish I die
right by your side

it's too late
it's too fucking late
I can't even say goodbye
I'm wasting all of my time
to let you go to the other side

wait for me
will you come to me
will you take me with you
I'm drowning in my own misery
I never say goodbye
I can never let you fly
away to the other side

it's too late, it's too fucking late.