Can you feel my heart?

Ever feel like killing yourself but you have no valid reason for doing so? Do you ever feel the endless boredom surrounding your days? Ever feel like crying while you were pretending to laugh?

It sucks to hide all these ugly feelings just to make sure you don't offend people around you. But deep down inside, your demon is torturing you with his wicked whispers. You drag your feet, swaying here and there, but you feel like your soul is leaving you behind. Your soul is flying above the sky and you're left with nothing but a rotten body.

Because you cannot find what's broken, you're clueless on how to fix the broken. You think you're happy, you have it all, but there is a void inside you. You look for anything to fill up the hole, but everything seems useless. You feel worthless, so you wish you are brave enough to take your mind to the wonderland but no amount of pain can bring you there. So you're stuck, repeating all the pretending throughout your life.

One day you realize, you've wasted your life for nothing. You achieve nothing, you are nothing. So you get down on your knees and pray to God to take you sooner. You want to see the light, you want to see heaven. You wish for serenity, because there is a chaos in your heart that craves for peace.

So here I am, standing next to you, and slowly I hand you the pass to the light you've wanted for so long. You take it from my hand and you slit your wrist. You fall for my trick. You fall for my speech.

But it's okay, because I can feel your heart wanting for death more than anyone else around you.