A pair of new eyes.

It's like you were given a pair of new eyes. You see the world turning upside down, wondering why you're stuck in the middle of this delusional dimension. Through this pair of new eyes you begin to see within the lines, you see distinctly those masks people put on their face. It makes you think, whether you too, are a part of this false pretense? Life gets harder when you were given this pair of new eyes. You thought you could distinguish nightmares from sugar-coated dreams, you thought you would be able to know which promises are made to be kept, which promises are just a bunch of made up lies. But this pair of new eyes, they just give you vivid imagery of how the world progress, it's up to you to determine on what to do. No one could push the button, you are your own God.

But this pair of new eyes, they brought hope altogether. You see the world differently, some thought you painted it black but deep down in your heart you keep a little bit of hope, intertwined with some bullshit truths you ought to believe. You are your own hero, you are your own savior. Through this vision you've seen with this pair of new eyes, you find clues to fix all of your questions. Sometimes when it gets even harder you wish you could just play dead.

Sadly, this pair of new eyes is just there to show you the way. You choose which path to take, you pick which lane to drift.