a year older, she said to herself.
what was it that she wishes to accomplish,
since now that her age is getting older?
a spouse? a house?
or is it freedom from her fucked up family?

she wishes to escape:
to escape her tormenting life and find peace
to escape her judgmental "holier than thou" family
to escape from those people who belittle her choices
but it is not easy to escape.
because to run away means selfishness.
it shows to people that she is weak,
unable to endure the tortures from people around her.

why must they conquer her mind?
she thought that when she is older,
she has power to determine.
but the truth is, she is still under control of them freaks,
who are great at making her feel like a complete loser.

alone, alone on her birthday.
everything feels so bitter.
her birthday, year by year, is getting worse.
it seems like she is insignificant to people around her.

but that boy, that boy whom people criticized,
had been there for her.
he treasured her, especially on her birthday.
she wished people would see this side of him,
and stop with their judgments.

people are not perfect.
we keep on looking for perfection,
but we forgot one thing:
we, too, are not perfect.