There is us, fleeting up above the sky.
I remember the twinkle in your eyes, every sparks of hope reflected in your deep ocean eyes.
I still can feel the cold touch of your hands upon my bare skin.
No tears in my eyes, for you are here together with me.

Heaven holds a place for me, please.
You are so far away, yet I will try my best to reach up to you.
When you're gone home feels so empty, and so does my heart.
Everywhere I see your ghostly body, dancing in the midst.
Please come back, I really need you by my side.

Honey, I can still hear your voice.
Whispering cotton candy words into my mind.
I wish I could keep them in a jar.
So that when I miss you so much I could just open the jar and eat one of your candy words.
If only that is possible.

I cried when you are gone.
But I wont cry when I die.
I know that soon we'll be together.
Just wait for me, I will be there soon.
I need to end this pain.
I need a cut on my left wrist.
Soon we will meet baby.
Just a twinge of pain, just a cut on my vein.

I could see you now, smiling at me....