under the winter moon
and the glistening sky
we stare at each other's eyes

it is such a perfect night
whispering violent dreams
to each other's ears

this velvety kiss
touches my skin
you whisper dreams
will all come true
next to you

i feel the burn
inside my heart

this silvery sand
touches our feet
sending tingles
soft as cotton
tickles our
laughing hands

before thee
was me
and now
it is us
for eternity

the touch of your lips
upon my naked skin
sends me chills
down my spine
i see the reflection
in your eyes
i see the world
i kiss those eyes
i wish to disappear
within those blinks
so when i feel
like hurting
it will not cause me
so much pain
within those blinks
i wish to disappear
so that when it's
time to go
i am in your eyes
deep inside
your eyes.