See right through me,
don't you feel my heart's beating?
I am scarred, hurt, rejected.
What's more than these I felt?
Empty, empty, empty.

Promises were made to be broken.
I knew that, I knew it profoundly.
But now I had betrayed my own vow,
to protect me from bleeding, emotionally.

Hello there, hello to the ghost inside my head.
Haunting me with dozens of tiny stab,
hurting me with endless nightmares,
please stop, please don't come back.

Scream of pain, misery is here, deep in my small heart.
Away, away with my death shall I be at peace?
Because I have killed myself, in my sleep.
Like a silhouette,
a shadow in lost transition,
soul in search of a cigarette,
this mind of frustration.

Heaven's a lie,
nothing is no longer real,
this pain through my eyes,
is what I have to deal.

Fainted heart,
broken smile,
lie awake in the dark,
please stay for a while...