your kiss tasted like cigarettes
lips reminded me of every drag
let me taste the heaven in you
that made my heart turned blue

I saw the reflection of our memories
in your eyes, I saw no misery between us
you were icy-cold, our hearts began to choke
death felt like pain, death felt like coke
was this how it felt like, to be near death?
when all we thought was about our last breath?

we're leaving tonight,
no more dying light,
no more fright,
just you and i,
in this afterlife.

with bloodshot eyes
she stared at me

with tears ran down my face
I wish she would hug me

while two hearts attached
she wished to run away from me

every piece of my shattered heart
I longed for her soul
to be part of me
once again

she said, keep on dreaming
I was wrong, I was totally wrong
when I sold her my heart
I thought we would be fine
but in the end
she walked away
and left me hanging
with no heart inside my body
with a hole filled with pain

through my bloodshot eyes
I waved my final goodbye