Bruise me.

She said, "Bruise me."

He walked away without saying goodbye. Goodbye was for pussies. He wont say goodbye because he knew he would come back to her. He just hated saying goodbye. He didn't believe in goodbyes. But she was impatiently waiting for him to say goodbye, one last final goodbye.

He didn't care. He didn't feel like it.

She cried, she cried and she said, "Bruise me with your goodbye, please. This hanging situation is not what I would want ever from you."

But he still refused to say goodbye. No, the pain of leaving your loved one alone in the middle of the night, waiting for her to sleep before you could kiss her goodbye, was not what he would have wanted right now. He would just stand there, watching her sleep with sobbing tears on her face as it brought tranquility to him. It didn't matter if he didn't say goodbye. He was happy to be her guardian angel, though she didn't know he was there, watching her and protecting her from nightmares.

She was in pain, because he left her without one last word. He was gone, just like the wind. He flew away from her, from life, from the world. She couldn't handle the sickness inside her aching heart. Why wouldn't he say goodbye? Was it supposed to be this way?

He stood still, in every corner of her heart he lurked, because he never did say goodbye to her. He haunted her heart, her mind, her soul with his ghost-like presence. He could see her, he could feel her but he could never say goodbye to her. He was not ready to let go of her.

She said, "Bruise me with your goodbye."