blinded by the darkness
washed away by pain
this suffering inside me
tortured me silently
and before i realized
my heart was already dead

screaming at your ghost
was the only thing i could do
i blamed you for all my pain
but the damage was my own fault, really
i should've let you tortured me completely....

go away, go away from me
or maybe i fly away from you
this nightmare between us
trapped you and me
in a relationship we didn't want 
so i'm ending this suffering
i killed you and left you alone
i had to, i wanna be free
from you and your tortures
let me go....

but your ghost is still haunting me
waiting for me to break down
creeping underneath my pain and misery
your ghost is hiding behind me
thrusting dozens of tiny blades
of guilt into my heart
your ghost is still torturing me....