I lived with the devil

There is a devil on my bed, waiting for me to lie down and sleep. I live with the devil, every day I see how the devil looks at me and I start to lose my mind, slowly. I cannot escape from the devil, the devil owns me. I wish I could run away from the devil's clasp but my weak soul is just too scared of fighting the devil back. I can never turn my back on the devil, for I am sentenced to death to live with the devil. I sink my head underneath my pillow every night because I know the devil is watching me while I sleep. I try to hide my fear and face the devil but running away is not such a brave thing to deal with this devil.

I begin to lose my mind. I wish someone can help me chase away the devil from my life. But no one can really help me, I am trapped with the agreement I made to the devil, for now that the devil lives with me I can never break lose from this fatigue nightmare I have every day. I feel imprisoned, trapped in between my own fear and anger, but I cannot do anything to help myself. I whine, I cry, I whip but I stay the same, to be under the spell of the devil.

Sometimes I wonder, do I have to kill the devil? Will it ease my pain and I can be free again? No one know the answer, no one can really help me. The devil owns me, eats me from the inside and now I am becoming insane, I have lost my mind, I began talking in my sleep, I have nightmares every night and I am restless. Can God help me now? Please?