there is hell in my mind

my placid mind becomes a riot
when I think of this damaging world
no more peaceful life
no more joy in my eyes
because I see many people
with weird faces, they look at me,
every glance they shoot me
reflect the bloody vision of
doomsday and hell, in their eyes I see.

this raging rush inside my veins
whispers to me to rebel against these devils
who wore a mask, to trick my weak soul
this foolishness they discloses to me
has opened my eyes to the nothingness,
because the reality of life is so meaningless,
because my life worth nothing but painfulness.

vivid dreams but with shattered hopes
remind me of how absurd my broken mind is,
the mind that was once a genius
now turns into a piece of dirt
for I am now weak, stupid and retarded
trap in my so-called intelligent mind
tricking me into this visionary stupidity
leaving me in my own misery