up and high

i was flying high
up in the sky
i saw people down there
waving farewell to me

i was high up above the world
and all i saw was people like me
flying high, up in the sky
happily and freely
flying and dancing with each other

i used to fly here and there
but now i was up here
in the heaven of blissfulness
and all i wished for now
was to stay up high
up in the sky

could i take another sip
so that i could be up here again?

troubled love

Cassie looked at the knife that she used to kill her ex-lover. The blood was already dried, leaving patches of dark red pattern on it. The used-to-be-glistening knife now had become the blood-soaked knife. She tried to stop herself from remembering the moment she staked the knife straight into his chest, but every seconds were hauntingly recorded in her mind, leaving behind flashbacks of unwanted memory.

It wasn't supposed to end this way but she had no choice. He betrayed her, he left with the other girl. She was treated like the second option when to her he was the first love she had. He called when he had no one else to call, he came in her apartment when no other girls want to suck his dick, he fucked her when there's no other girl available to be fucked. She couldn't take it anymore, she was not a marionette. He toyed with her heart, he took her for granted. Now, she wanted revenge.

She swore to herself, no one could have him. No other girls could kiss him, no one else but herself. She lurked into his apartment, hid behind the closet and waited out for him. When he came home with another girl in his hug, her heart was torn apart. She saw them making love and that broke her heart even more. When they both fell asleep, she went out and gazed upon the body of her lover. Hands were shaking, tears ran down her face, and she knew she was ready to unleash her madness.

One, two, three, she stabbed him on the chest, then she kept on stabbing him while he was sleeping. He was awakened by the pain in his heart, trying to shout but no voice was heard. Pain and confusion mixed up in his mind, he couldn't breathe and there he went straight to hell. She closed his eyes, right at the moment the girl who slept next to him was shocked to see Cassie and her bloody hands. She got even scared when she saw his dead body.

Cassie left the girl with a smirk on her face. She felt so miserable. She thought by killing him she would not suffer anymore but she was wrong. There was a twinge of pain deep inside her heart. She let him used her, she let him played with her heart, and in the end she lost him.

All these times I have been with you
All these moments we had shared together
Made me a lucky girl to have you
As long as you're with me forever...

Every time I lie awake
It's you I think the most
I know it's you I want for God's sake
Cause you make my heart and body froze....

We will walk hand in hand
And you'll guide me in the dark
I'll be with you until the end
Because I love you with all my heart....