Why God?

She asked God why didn't he create everyone equally. Why couldn't God create everybody the same? Why couldn't God create everyone equally pretty, skinny, tall? Why couldn't God create everybody equally rich and happy? Why there are a lot of differences in a person to put a thin line between each other?

But she forgot that God created everything for a reason.

If everyone was the same, if everybody was equal, then people would not learn to appreciate differences. People would be the same, and uniformity wasn't always good. If everyone was rich and pretty, would they know what suffering is? Would they know what beauty really is? 

She wished she could be like everyone else. Pretty, skinny, rich. But she wasn't. And she couldn't stop praying to be like them. To the point she started to question God's agenda. 

The truth is, she fails to see her own beauty, her own happiness, her own talent, her own self.