The Happy Pill

Maria was a pretty girl, but with a sad heart. She smiled, but nothing could ever hide that tears in her eyes. People noticed, but they didn't care. Maria was fine, on the outside, as if she was a lively girl with a big happy heart. People were wrong.

Maria wasn't happy. Dad bailed on her. Mom was an alcoholic whore. Big brother molested her. Big sister bullied her. Friends at school laughed when she said she didn't have enough money to buy lunch. Boys were just into her tits. Her grades were not that impressive. Everything wasn't so good for her.

But she pretended that it was fine, to live a life like that.

One day, she had enough. She decided to run away from her broken life. Run wild into the happier world. Into a life where she would be much more appreciated. But did such world exist?

She took a happy pill given by her stoned friend. She found the world she wanted to live in. The world existed, in her mind. Every day she gulped the pill down her throat, hoping that she would be in the happy world again. 

Because of the happy pill, now she finally lived in the world of her own imagination. As she was living underneath the real world, underneath the soil and dirt, she lay and slept. Slept for eternity.