Goodbye Anna

"These scars wont heal." Anna heard the voice talked to her. She looked at her wounded arms. Both of her arms were scratched by sharp blade that she used to chase away the pain inside her heart. These scars wont heal, and so did my wounded heart, she said to herself. The pain was still here, deep and rotting inside her vulnerable heart. How to make the pain go away? No one knew the answer.

She looked at the clouded sky. She wished she could fly up there and search for the tranquility of her soul. But she was still standing on the ground, she couldn't fly yet. Could someone teach her how to fly?

The voice whispered to her again. She kept hearing those whispers but she didn't know who owned the voice. Maybe it's God talking to her. Maybe it's the angel saying hello to her. Nobody knew, no one heard the voice except for Anna herself.

"Anna, you don't belong here."
"Anna, you should die."

Anna looked at the sharp razor as the twinkle of that razor caught her attention. It drew her closer to the temptation to hurt herself. The temptation was driving her right hand to slowly slit her left wrist. She took a deep breath, her hand shakily pressed the blade onto her pulse as she was ready to die. The whispers kept on talking to her. She cut too deep this time. She cut herself to death. The whispers cheered for her, the whispers greeted her with pain and loneliness.

"Goodbye, Anna."