Cold Water

It felt like I'm trapped under the cold dark water. It felt like I'm suffocating, there's no more air for me to breathe. The presence of this sickening air choked me, pale blue lips and bloodshot eyes my face turned to. The more I looked at the spinning world around me, the more I felt sick. Disgusted by the empty shallow lies people are re-telling everyday, I threw my fist up in the air, trying to significance my hatred to all these bullshits around me.

I gazed at everyone around me. I frowned upon them because I knew they ignored me. They didn't see me suffocating, they didn't see me drowning. The louder I screamed for help, the more far they inched away. How could no one save me from this suffocating life? Maybe because the presence of my ghost was not felt by them. Maybe because my ghost was just a thin air. "I am fathomless. I am hard to be understood by everyone." I thought about this all over again. This bloody disguise I wore on my face was no longer a disguise. It became me, it defined me.

Save me from this icy cold water that suffocated me, please?