“Maybe we should just stay friend.”

He walked away after saying those words to her. He left her waiting for another chance but she knew exactly what those words meant. She had no more chance left. No more possible choices for her to make it work. He went away without any further explanation, just those hanging words which choked her by the thread of its meaning. No way could they be friend. She knew he wanted to get away and run from the reality between them. He just wanted a way out of responsibility, as if it was throttling his neck, and maybe that was the sole reason why he said those words.

“I am strong, I am not going to fall down right in front of him, and I will get up again.”

She wished she could yell these words lingering in her mind to him but the courage was not there, the moment of sadness was just filled with empty space of awkward silence and she could not bear to spit out her anger to him. It happened so fast, the moment he wanted to be friend and finally walked away from her, and she was just standing awkwardly like an idiot.

Was it so hard to let go, or was it hard to make a person who decided to walk away stay in our life?