Claudia was standing right in front of the school. She looked at those familiar faces from the reflection of the windows' mirror. She glimpsed at the faces of those damned kids, with clenched jaw and clasped fist, she vowed to avenge for every misery those bullies caused her. But, she was hopeless. Although the pain immersed through her veins, boiling every adrenalin inside her, but she couldn't bring herself closer to sweet revenge. Every tears she shed, every fear she had, they couldn't be bear anymore. She wanted revenge, but as those faces of the pretentious innocence children of good deeds and demure etiquette were torturing her soul, they said that as if she was the Satan of every sins they committed but truthfully, they remained blessed. So untouchable, she thought, but deep down she knew they were not that innocent, their hearts were as filthy as hers, and to imagine them smiling and pretending to be angels in the eyes of the adults made her wanna puke. 

Claudia vowed to put an end to her nightmare, and the day would come true. So she waited and waited, waiting for the moment to finally dig their graves and put them to rest.