behind the pretty smile

She looked at her own reflection on the mirror. All she see was her own face, miserable as always, and those two eyes gazed at her, with piercing stare. She tried to shut her eyes, but the reflection of her own miserable face kept coming back inside her mind.

"I want to be pretty." She thought to herself.

The reflection of her own miserable face laughed at her. The crooked smile, the pale lips curving an ugly smile, more like a smirk to her, and now the smile was empty and hollow. She knew the meaning lies behind that smile. She knew it very well.

"You're never gonna be pretty." The reflection talked to her.

She closed her eyes, hands covering her face, hoping to chase away the reflection from her mind. But she couldn't, because the reflection was there inside her mind, unconsciously flashing a smirk to every each of her thoughts. 

"But I really want to be pretty." 

She tried to erase the image of her reflection. Fist punching the mirror, cracking every pieces of the broken glass and the mirror suddenly shattered into thousands of tiny pieces, breaking apart and falling down on to her feet. She took a piece of the broken mirror, carefully. She put the sharp piece next to her mouth, slowly and gently cutting her lips to create a smile, a pretty smile that would stay on her face forever.

A smile that she thought was pretty. A smile that would make her world change, for eternity.