appreciate me

Please appreciate me,
before I finally get tired and
decide to stay away
from you and your life.

Please appreciate every little things
I did to you, even though
you think they're nothing
but I did everything
just to make you happy.

Please appreciate me,
before somebody else will.

Please appreciate me,
before I die.

aku terluka.

aku dipijak.

aku dihina.

aku diherdik.

aku dicela.

aku disepak.

Tapi itu semua
hanyalah kisah semalam.

Hari ini,
hari esok,
hari-hari akan datang ---

sudah tiba masa untuk aku
bingkas bangun
dan terus bangun
bangun terus dan mara ke hadapan

biarkan mereka
biarkan mereka di belakang ---

kerana aku masih bisa bangun
dan masih mampu
untuk menggapai
bintang di langit sana

itu sudah cukup bagiku
biarkan mereka
biarkan kisah semalam
terkubur di dalam hati yang sengsara

kerana esok pasti ada
bintang yang bersinar
buat aku yang sedang berduka.

So much to say.

Selena looked around her, people were gathering here and there with their cliques, but she was alone by herself. She was sitting alone in the middle of numerous people surrounding her. Sadly, no one talked to her. People pretended like she was not there, but the truth was, she was sitting there, alone and frustrated.

Pain, what a painful thing to do when she could only sit there and stared at those happy faces sharing laughter with each other. She wished she would be with someone, but no one talked to her.

Shivering, the loneliness shivered her heart and now she wandered alone inside her world. She had so much to say but no one listened. No one ever did. Because she was left alone, in the middle of the crowd.

The beauty of pain,

is when you feel a pinch
in your heart
and suddenly,

you cry.

behind the pretty smile

She looked at her own reflection on the mirror. All she see was her own face, miserable as always, and those two eyes gazed at her, with piercing stare. She tried to shut her eyes, but the reflection of her own miserable face kept coming back inside her mind.

"I want to be pretty." She thought to herself.

The reflection of her own miserable face laughed at her. The crooked smile, the pale lips curving an ugly smile, more like a smirk to her, and now the smile was empty and hollow. She knew the meaning lies behind that smile. She knew it very well.

"You're never gonna be pretty." The reflection talked to her.

She closed her eyes, hands covering her face, hoping to chase away the reflection from her mind. But she couldn't, because the reflection was there inside her mind, unconsciously flashing a smirk to every each of her thoughts. 

"But I really want to be pretty." 

She tried to erase the image of her reflection. Fist punching the mirror, cracking every pieces of the broken glass and the mirror suddenly shattered into thousands of tiny pieces, breaking apart and falling down on to her feet. She took a piece of the broken mirror, carefully. She put the sharp piece next to her mouth, slowly and gently cutting her lips to create a smile, a pretty smile that would stay on her face forever.

A smile that she thought was pretty. A smile that would make her world change, for eternity.