Cruelty, evil, madness,
I've seen them everyday,
flashing and flickering from
the twinkle of our eyes.

The world is no longer pure,
no one is a virgin anymore,
no one is a saint, no more,
because they wear a mask.
I, too, wear a mask,
we all wear a mask.

A mask, helpful enough
to cover every sins,
every mistakes we did,
every hatred we had.

A disguise, the mask,
is what we put on our face
and slowly we walk the parade
as if we are all innocent
but we aren't.

Cruelty, evil, madness,
I've seen them.
Everyday, every night,

Wating for Forever

You said you weren't gonna leave me alone,
but you lied, you lied to me again and again,
because finally you left me, in the end.
Mourning alone with this pain inside my heart,
Then I cry, in the dark, where the world is cold,
and painful, cause you are just the same
with everyone else, who break their promises.

I remember the day you said
you'll stay no matter what they say
but then you forget your promises,
you forget me just like that,
and you finally walk away,
leaving me behind with a broken heart.

I was a fool to believe in you
I was a fool when I thought you are different
because you aren't, you're just like them.
You lied to me, you hurt me, you left me.
What's the point of waiting,
if you're just gonna leave me
sooner or later,
it doesn't matter

It really hurts,
when you left and never turned back.
But here I am, still waiting,
for your arrival, with a smile on my face.