Ask her.

Ask her, if she was in pain before. Ask her, with a sincere look upon your face. Just go and ask her, what she had been through. Don't assume, go to her and ask. She might look strong, but we never know what pain she has inside her heart.

Go and ask her, if she was hurt before. Ask her what made her so sad. Don't just jump into conclusion, wait for her answers, wait for her to speak. Don't just simply make the ending for her story. Wait for her to finish telling her stories. She might not tell us directly, but we have no rights to judge her.

Just go and ask her, if she will be okay or not. Show her some sympathy. Smile to her, pat her back, wipe away her tears. Touch her face, warm her body with our hugs, caress her hair gently. Tell her everything will be alright. Just don't go and push her to stop crying. She might be crying like a child now, but we never know how she was hurt before.

Ask, if we want to know about something. Don't just decide on our own about other's life. Ask before concluding, who knows if that person might need help. Don't ask for the sake of spreading lies, telling his/her stories to everyone, just don't do that.

Ask, before it's too late to even save a soul from dying.