Hey Dad, I miss you.

I miss you.
This feeling, it hurts. This pain, it hurts.
I miss you, though you are not here for me anymore.

And you were never there for me before.

I still miss you, father.
Because I am your daughter,
your princess, that now has turn into a grown-up.

I miss you,
I miss you until it hurts me.
I hope you can see it through my eyes,
the longing for you I had in my eyes,
I hope you see it.

I miss you.
Mary's Smile

The illusion of her ghost
fragile and shadowy
putting a smile on her rose
tears crawl down, wickedly

She walks a thousand miles
a path she took long before
she walks to search for her smile
the smile she used to allure

Smiling with rapture
her ghost now is gone,
gone with her torture
with a smile she used to bond.
Devoid of Love

the night falls without a sound, lost are we.
the salvation for which you sacrifice yourself

flares once, then dies,
crushed by madness.
all hope must die.

your love is no more.
how could you leave me?
demons surround us, crying,
we have lost our way.


I'm thinking, I think again, 
then I saw me, naked, under the shooting rain,
Thinking, of uncertainty in vain, with pain.

Bitter, I feel so bitter
Though the pill of ecstasy spiked me
But why still I feel so bitter?

Sometimes I wonder, 
If I die, will people cry?
So much questions to ponder
But will there ever be an answer?

Death, take me away,
To go with this pain, forever I will pray
For another depressive day,
to gone into the grey,
the black and white of my day.

Inner Sanctum

Abolished, shed thy fear
Rotting corpses, splattered and gutted
Demolished, every one of those queer
Dying souls, scorching thou, tainted

Purging flames out of thy mouth
Hatred and disgust, mixed together
Killing thy one true love –
Raped and tortured, thou did to her

Inner sanctum, no more fear –
Inner sanctum, thou art trapped here.