This morning, I watched a lot of videos by My Chemical Romance. Then after several hours spent with sister out of home and away from my laptop, I was shocked to know that mcr had split. I was trying to deny this news, until I saw the hash-tag on twitter about mcr breaking up. This is not cool, I cant accept this breaking news. Then I saw some people making fun of us, the fans of mcr who are just too sad and upset after knowing about the split-up, saying we're just some crazy emo kids who cried over a poser emo band. I also saw some people arguing about mcr's genre. Be it a punk band, or an emo band, or whatever it is, as far as I know, their music is the best. Genres are just a boundary that set a limit for great music to be exposed.

I don't care if people said I'm overreacting, I'm too emotional or whatever, because this band, My Chemical Romance, gave me a lot of special and vague memories from my childhood until I grow up and become an adult now.  I remember those days I was being bullied by my classmates, I only had mcr's songs to have hope and faith in my own helpless self. I was accompanied by their songs until I finally had the gut to fight back those bullies. Mcr's songs also got me into poetry. Writing has never been a thing for me, but not until I heard of "I'm Not Okay" and "Helena", I started to jot down words and turn them into some crazy-weird shit that now has become an obsession to me. This is the ultimate reason why I love mcr so much. From being just a depressed girl, I manage to turn the bad energy into poetry and now I am doing my degree on literature. See what mcr had given me? So, that is why I am so sad. I cried so hard when I saw the tweets about them. A lot of mcr's fans had shared a same thought, we all hate how our heroes had fallen apart and left us hanging. Their words and music saved a lot of souls.

I know a lot of people hate mcr, they called and labelled them as fags, but to me they are part of my childhood, my teen-hood, and my present days. Thank you My Chemical Romance, for your words, your music, your talent and your spirit. They had lifted me from being so fucked up until I finally realized that the world has more than the negativity I've seen inside my mind. The world has you, to bring us hope and faith in ourselves. Even though you guys are splitting up now, you're still together as a band inside my heart. When I have children of my own, I will tell them about your band. I hope you're just joking about breaking up, because deep in my heart I still believe you will come out with surprises to us, the killjoys. Farewell, mcr. Thanks for everything.