Words hurt, but what hurts more is when you can't deny the truth of the words. 

Remember Me

Remember, I always tried even though
I was always your most hated enemy
I am your biggest fear of failure
I was the ungrateful bastard ever

But remember, I always tried
To fix everything,
To endure the pain you gave,
To cry inside my heart,
To live my life with your lies,
To be the good girl to your eyes.

Sadly, I was always the baddest cunt
I was always the biggest mistake
I was always the stupidest kid
I was always the laziest girl
I was always the one who betrayed 

I tried so hard to please you
and now I'm giving up
Good bye people, 
I'm so tired of living here....

Forever in your arms

I never had a guy
like you my dear
to let go of you, i'll die
please stay with me here

I love you the most
my precious boy
let us make a toast
for us to live with joy

Missing you were so painful
I take a bullet for you
people may call me a fool
for falling in love with you

But to hell with what they say,
in your arms, forever I'll stay.

Edward Scissor-hands

Poor boy, his name is Edward
all alone by himself
Father's died and
his dream was then broken
A hand he wished for
but with scissors he lived with

A dear woman brought him out
creating controversy among the people
his absence was meant to be hidden
but a bunch of impatience women
force him out

Edward has a creative imagination
with his scissors, he'll show it
to the whole people
that he was special
they were impressed by his talent
they began to love Edward

A beautiful girl returned home
she's so sweet but unfortunately taken
Edward's eyes were chasing over her
a love he felt but remained untold
But one guy despised Edward
for being such a gentleman
to the townspeople
to the young woman he loved

Chaos started to fall on Edward
things became crazy and hectic
A request by dear young woman
caused him his good reputation
The ungrateful townspeople
started to chase him out of town

That one guy picked on Edward
hitting him with madness
with those scissors-hands
Edward pushed him out of the window
fell down to the ground
to the face of the townspeople

Poor Edward
a guy with a soft heart
but with no hands he was built
he'll never be loved
It's so sad to be here
without no one to say it's okay dear
Edward knew he needs to go
back to the Mansion
where it all won't started again