Labeling and judging


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Situation A:

Derek, a school nerd with big hair and freckles on his face. He was being bullied because he was a nerd, who enjoyed wearing big and thick frame spectacles rather than wearing Ray-bans.

Situation B:

Drake, a Goth kid with ivory pale face, skinny and unhealthy, doesn't talk much. He was bullied because he didn't talk to people as much as he wrote poems.

Situation C:

Annie, a smart girl with lame skirt and last last last year shirt. She was being bullied because she got good grades but wasn't really that cheerleader kind-of a girl. Oh, not to forget, she is a virgin too.

Why would people pick on other people just because that person is weird (to their eyes, of course)? I feel sorry to myself and my generation because in this culture we're living, everyone is not able to be who they really are. To be cool, you have to fulfill several terms. But, why must you hide who you really are, just to fit in?

I was not a hip girl, who can really fit in with a lot of people. And I was trying so hard to be invisible. Girl like me, will never be on top of this society I'm living. Unless I came from rich family, blessed with pretty face and sexy body, and born with talent as well as intelligence too.

I. am. just. another. emo. kid. who. talks. alone. FULL-STOP.