Jack and Sally

Sally looked at Jack's face, she thought of those bittersweet memories they both shared for two years of falling in love. She remembered how Jack loved to kiss her forehead before he went to bed, before he left for work, before he wanted to take a shower, before he started jamming, before he went to do some groceries, every single thing Jack wanted to do, he will kiss her forehead first, indicating his deepest love for Sally.

Sally smiled, every moment she spent with Jack worth a thousand penny, but now that Jack's gone. She felt a ton of loneliness struck inside her heart. Everyday she waited for Jack to come home, she woke up and put on the most prettiest dress, she made Jack's favourite breakfast, she played Jack's favourite songs. Oh how missing Jack has become a misery to Sally.

"Jack, please wake up from your sleep. I've waited for you so long, and to see you sleeping lifelessly throbbed my heart. I wanted you to be here with me. Why would you leave me alone?"

Sally hoped Jack comes back to her alive. Too late his comma had kept him from waking. A state where Jack's no longer there for Sally. Jack's gone, but he remained sleeping. To Sally, waiting is nothing as compared to her deepest love towards Jack. She'll wait, and wait, and wait.

"I'm so sorry Sally. He's gone. We can't bring him back to life." A statement that crushed her heart into pieces. Sally cried silently inside her. The world went black, the silence was haunting her mind. She's collapsed.


Dear Sally,

Your scarlet lips are mine,
Your ivory skin are way too pretty,
I wish you'll be forever mine,
Because you are my sweety.

Knowing you is my pleasure,
Loving you is my desire,
Being with you I'll treasure,
For you, I set my heart on fire.

Oh pretty baby I have to go,
To somewhere far away from you,
dear baby please don't let go,
Cause you know I love you.


Sally looked down, people were walking and rushing down the pavement. She closed her eyes. One step closer to death, she stepped. One more step, there she went down, jumping from the 19th floor, wanting to leave this world and be with Jack.

"I see you, Jack. Wait for me. I'll be with you. Wait, Jack. You promised to wait for me. Now I'll be there with you."