A Date with Dear Boyfriend

It was a wonderful moment
Moments I've spent with you
together, we're free from any torment
every time I'm standing next to you

Together we walk
next to you, hand in hand
and till forever we shall talk
until our last stand

You took me to the Wendy
we eat burgers like crazy
even it ain't rum or brandy
but with you, I am happy

We walk side by side
those lovely shops we passed by
even though our budget is tight
it's still a pleasant to drop by

We watched a funny movie
It was about Collins, the Vampire
you know vampire's my hottie
indeed, the movie was my yesterday's desire

As soon as time goes by
Caramel Machiato was our last drink
it feels so hard to say goodbye
as it cannot be written by ink

We ride slowly to the last station
as you wait for me to say goodbye
you wave goodbye with depression
I shall meet you again, so please I must not cry