The Hopeless Child

There's a child down there

walking along the pavement
he got long jet-black hair
that makes him an omen

I'm a child with a lost heart
he feels so lonely and scared
he doesn't want to be in the dark
because he knows he's not yet dead

The child, he's so sweet and delicate
but he got beaten everyday violently
oh poor boy but he's pure of sin and hate
the child, he is hopelessly lonely

the child looks upon the sky
he saw thousand of lies
up, up, up they fly
to reach the twinkling eyes

where's hope, he says
I look for it ages ago
i'm tormented, he says
it has been for long, but he'll never know

I long for you

How I want to be in your sleep
because my feeling for you oh so deep
and your smile was like those ices
how I want to catch the twinkle in your eyes

Oh honey you're my twisted shell
nightmare has gone when you're here
oh please I don't wanna be in hell
cause I wanna be in your hands dear

Afternoon light and the smell of your cigars
a memorable date to make me smile
and chase away our misery of hungers 
because we miss each other for a thousand mile

One more time, I want you near
Don't go and leave me here
seal our fate with glistening love and soul
because I don't want us to be foul

Dear sweet boy please be mine
I long for you with ethereal lust
black clouds wont anymore shine
if you go away with the dust

Lord is Upon Us

Alas, may He bless us
With His glistening hope
We are one kind of a fuss
Who always think we’re dope

He who may love you
With all His lovely care
I, the one who hate you
Am going to flare

Bent down to Him
You should not apostate
Give your all to Him
If not, your life is at stake

Dear sweet delicate
Listen to me singing
You’re a lovely bud of hate
Without Him, you’re nothing

I am human, too.


I, too, am human.
Just like you.
Just like the man.
I am nothing more different than you.

But you treated me wrong,
and I've hurt too much.
So I have to be strong,
even it hurts that much.

I wish you know
through my sorrow
the reasons of my hollow
because my thoughts are all shallow.


Topeng itu dibuka lalu dicampak ke tepi. Si dara memandang ke luar lalu senyuman sinis muncul di bibir mungil yang basah dengan tipu nista.

"Hari ni aku berjaya lagi. Hari ni terbukti kebolehan topeng sandiwara ni."

Ya, topeng yang di beli melalui kebolehan berbicara itu sungguh berguna taktala si dara ingin menabur janji palsu, mencuri wang ringgit tanpa disedari si mangsa, yang sudah terpedaya dengan topeng kasihan di muka si dara.

Heh, sudah-sudah la pakai topeng kau tu. Kami di sini tahu benar niat celaka di hati kau. Buang topengmu dan terjun kubur saja, kalau hidup kau hanya tahu menipu.