Death's approaching

Once I heard Death's arrival
I said "God, take me to the hospital"
but He approaches
"I'm here to burn the sketches
that you made sadistically."
"I'm here not to put my judges
to drag you with me violently."

I stare at Him with bloody tears
"but I wanted to disappear."
I said.
"No, you are about to stay here."
He said.

Oh Lord take me to the cemetery
where I can bury my imaginary
of hopes and false story.

Death, once I saw coming nearer
has now leaving me farther. 

Be still.

Be still, be very still.
Looking up the hill,
torn up the bill,
please dear me please be chill.

The apostasy,
The hypocrisy,
The jealousy,
The ecstasy,
Killjoys make some noise please?

I am a man of fortune,
born with a silver spoon,
of wisdom and doom.

I am a man of gold,
even though I'm old,
I can be still,
be very still.

If it's so hard to please,
why must we tease?
If it's so hard to believe,
then why we live?
If it's so hard to dream,
then why I scream?

Be still, be very still.