noises, people make noises.

I choke my throat to kill myself, because no one stops me. Noises, it’s all what people did to torment me with hatred and selfishness. I’m not supposed to be here, I know I won’t give a shit to those motherfuckers out there.

Noises, people make noises.

I feel like I’m erased by them, I fell down on my knees, and it won’t kill me instead. Come on, kill me now? Why wouldn’t you, you misery bitch?

Noises, noises, people make noises
I am the liar, I am the devil, I am the darkness. Everything around me is mine. Don’t kill me yet, because I’ll kill you then. All I have inside me was bullshit, and your noises are fucking my head off. When I get to know why this disaster happened?

Noises are what people make.

Hate ain’t enough to destroy me, because I fuck your brain so hard. I want you to know, I won’t be erased.
I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not supposed to feel this way. Get me out of this disasterpiece!